Thursday, November 30, 2006

That 70s revival

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Well, you take a week off and look what goes and happens.

We (ok, the chancellor) decides to commit at least £25bn to buy the 'next generation' of Trident nuclear missiles. And all with without anything much in the way of public debate. Yes, parliament will get a vote and it will steamroller its way through for fear of not appearing 'tough' in the face of our next bogeyman.

There is some interesting analysis on the implications of this particular instance of democracy below - particularly if you are Scottish. (Alright I confess, I am a little bit).

Read it

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the lot below haven't been so busy for ages.


The arguments against not renewing Trident are well known and rehearsed - we can't show weakness in the face of 'enemies' and all that - but really, in a week where a tiny amount of Polonium 210 appears to have brought a a large part of the country to a panic-stricken halt - can it really be wise to invest ALL this money in these old-time methods of mutually assured destruction? We be quicker hiring the rebranded KGB.


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