Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Channel 4 news

I have two drawings published at the Channel 4 News website. They are for the channel's almost-the-end-of-the-Prime-Minister art gallery. I was commissioned for art which summed up the Prime Minister's time in power and of the three drawings that I sent, the two below made the final cut.

The Blair legacy.

I drew the original image way back in 2003, when the insurgency only existed on all the briefing papers which Tony Blair, George Bush and Dick Cheney failed to notice.

The Prime Ministerial character.

Here, I was trying to draw the man - and I think that after all the posturing and image-making he has undertaken over the years that perhaps there isn’t perhaps really much to him at all. What do you think?

There's also some very nice work from Morten Morland, Royston Robertson, Beau Bo'D’Or and The Spine.

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