Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Results of Super Tuesday

Well after all that, nothing is decided at all. It looks to have been a costly night for the Billaries for despite confident and widely publicised expectations, they have not knocked Obama out of the race for the Democratic nomination. They can't be happy about that, and if the stories about the amount of telephone polling Hillary's campaign used in the last few days are true, she must have used a lot of money to try and fight the momentum Obama had clearly developed. For Obama's part, he must be disappointed he didn't do better yet. The Republican race looks clearer and has clarified the split in their ranks, Mike Huckabee, the former preacher did well in the south, where I used to live, and this seems to have hurt the wealthy Mitt Romney's chances. So, John McCain it looks to be. (I wonder how Ming Campbell feels about the apparent attitudes to John McCain's age?) There is an updated Channel 4 News animation here.
Wonkette has a great description of the night as a pretty much a grim $100-million stalemate.

Matt Buck’s animated drawings

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