Sunday, March 30, 2008

Art or wot at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

As April arrives, more or less, thoughts turn once more to the annual celebration of all things cartoon at the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. I shall be big boarding again, which ought to be more of a treat this time than it felt last year. Look at the dimensions on the graphic again - I was just scared about how much space there was! There is a terrific lineup of drawing talent going up this year and it should, touch wood, be a great event for spectators and cartoonists alike. There is lots more about the event at the official site. If you can possibly find a way to go and get there, you should. Top line highlights include a big show called - But is it art - in which cartoonists take the piss out of the idea that drawing jokes isn't an art form. There is also a one-man show by Dave Brown of The Independent and Steve Bell of the Guardian is speaking. There will be so many top line gag cartoon merchants around you'll be falling over them. :-)

Matt Buck’s animated drawings

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