Thursday, June 12, 2008

Conservative MP resigns on a point of principle...perhaps

The Shadow Home Secretary and Conservative MP, David Davis, has resigned from his seat in the House of Commons. He says he has done this to highlight attacks on the personal liberties of the British people by government legislation. To me, it appears many of his public concerns lie in and around information technology, its commercial and governmental uses and misuses. This is a subject about which parliament is notoriously badly informed. Privately, his reasons may well also be connected to internal strains in the Conservative party.
Having said this, I think it is interesting and laudable that any politician would choose to make a statement and take an action like this on an issue which is so difficult to explain clearly and well. You might also wonder how much of an influence the idea of the man-in-the-white-suit and Hamilton sleaze-buster of years gone by, Martin Bell, has also been on Mr Davis' chosen tactics.

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