Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Illustration Friday - Run

I've been thinking about entering this excellent web-based communal activity for ages - the thing that tipped me over the edge this week was the theme - run.

On days I'm not feeling too old, too tired or too cranky - this is one of my favourite things.

The caricature is of Paula Radcliffe.

Caricaturing is extremely difficult to do well and I find it really helps to be interested in the person you are doing. I worked hard on drawing Paula over a long period, and came back to the image several times having tried various ways to do her.

The trick in this case seemed to be finding the right moment at which to draw her. The solution was suffering, after all it's what she does best.


Michelle Lana said...

nice one! Great illo...

Andrew Thornton said...

Welcome to Illustration Friday! Nice illustration.