Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Look into his eyes ...

This mornings leaked email from Downing Street which turned up in The Mirror newspaper really puts an interesting light on what is going on inside the government and the Labour government.

Here's a quote from the document refereing to the chancellor, who remains TB's likeliest successor ...

"There are specific issues which can provide opportunities and threats. They are: GB's reaction ... the more successful we are the more it will agitate and possibly destabilise him, we need to consider how to deal."

Giving Tony a big and prolonged send-off would certainly irritate Gordon no end. It is also why this row will not go away until the PM either names a date (Gordon's preferred solution) or actually goes.

In cartoon commentary land this leads to extreme exhaustion of Gordon and Tony jokes - although I thought Martin Rowson found a good one yesterday on the Guardian.


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