Friday, September 15, 2006

Employment today ...

Working in the print industry, as so many cartoonists do, has been a very interesting experience this year. The second coming of the internet appears finally to have arrived and many of our traditional markets are disappearing as business finally cottons onto the fact that people like getting their news via screens.

This implies a massive change, not only for the self-employed seeking new places to work, but also more brutally for a lot of staffers who are discovering that there is no real job security in a moving marketplace.

To illustrate my point, I point to large scale compulsory redundancies at the Telegraph titles and the Times Ed this year - and these are only the high-profile ones.

It's going to mean a lot more of the sort of freelance jousting I drew in this picture. Enjoy or endure.

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Santosh said...

Matt, wow!! what an impressive blog you have. I got to know how internet is creating and changing professional career for cartoonist. As you said, internet will replace print media and limited visibility and creativity that a Cartoonist was getting there. With internet, your cartoon is on Global Map

One suggestion : your blog post doesn't have "links to this post" for each content. I think having that will help your community to link your blog posts in the blogosphere.