Sunday, October 22, 2006

Memories are made of this

It's been a truly amazing few days for anyone who recalls anything about the many and varied reasons George Bush and Tony Blair have given us for invading Iraq.

The mess they have helped to generate is awesome in its scope and our children are going to be living with the consequences of the new instabilities in the middle east for a very long time.

Thinking about it, as I heard the latest talking head explaining why now is the time for our military withdrawal*, I remembered the playing cards which the pentagon issued after reaching Baghdad - each one picturing one of Saddam's significant allies.

From there, it wasn't very far to a good cartoon idea. I'm posting it here in traditional form - but there's an animated version up at my site too - use the link at top right or just click on the headline to this article.


* Oh, and why are we talking about withdrawing now? The answer is the US mid-term elections and the likelihood of Bush and the Republicans losing big. And the UK? We're just talking about it because the Americans are.

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poldraw said...

very good cartoon - particularly in animated form. Really works well like that!