Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stand back, he's taking off!

Well, the rebranding exercise in BoMo, sorry, Bournemouth, is over and now all the world knows about the scary sight of a Tory who appears to be human.

Some commentators claim that the job of leader of the opposition is the 'worst in politics.' I'm not so sure myself. At times, I think it must have a rather appealing freedom to it. You can do- and say - just about anything, with the single aim of getting right up the government's nose.

I think it's becoming clear that David Cameron has a bit of a flair for it.

Anyone up for the prospect of watching lumbering old Gordon chasing him around the media debates?

I chose to draw DC?, Dave?, our future leader? as a balloon launching into a sky full of old-style Tory Zeppelin balloons (very definitely obsolete technologies.) Enjoy

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