Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Image manipulation news

An amazing piece of technology which seems to have rather large implications for the way we use images in the digital world. I predict there will be plenty of reporting ethical issues to come with some of later features this video reveals too. A hat-tip to Shane Richmond at The Telegraph for a fine find.


beaubodor said...

there's also this which you may have already posted.
I can't remember where I found it.

Image completion

Morten said...

Great for break-ups! You don't have to tear your ex out of photos anymore!

I bet there'll be a few politicians who'll try to get hold of this software as well. "LOOK, I never shook Mugabe's hand as you so rudely claim! I'm just holding my hand out randomly! Here's the photo to prove it!"
Or "I never laid on the floor in a sparkling leotard pretending to be a purring cat while telling Saddam how much I admired his indefatigability!"