Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Business news: The Manchester Supercasino

On Wednesday MPs will vote on whether one of the most deprived parts of East Manchester is the right place to plonk Britain's first supercasino. (It's important to remember, there is no problem with the 16 other smaller casinos which are to be liberally scattered across the country to join our existing ones.)

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The supercasino project
The story of the project
It is convenient that the nearby University of Salford has a centre for the study of gambling and addiction. You feel, somehow, it is going to be very busy in the next few years watching the social problems come home to roost.
University of Salford

Perhaps the plan is that all the social bodies and charitable units that the government and the Conservatives are so busy encouraging (social entrepreneurship) will take the social strain that these new gaming establishments will bring. Infact, I'm sure that's the hope, but would you bet on them being able to?

UPDATE: Well done the Lords. The Bill was stopped by a vote of 3 - and that halts, temporarily, movement towards the Supercasino site in Manchester. There is lots of whining from the government this morning about the poiltical 'opportunism' of its opponents this morning. Hah! That's a pot and kettle argument.


Chichi Parish said...

Your animation 'play' push button doesn't work, Matt.
I took a gamble by pushing it twice.
Looking forward to the animation.
ta ta

Chichi Parish said...

'Las Mancs' under the rain shadow. That's funny but grim too. Nice one, Matt.