Thursday, March 15, 2007

Technology news: the art of lost interactions

Amid all the brouhaha about web 2.0, the future of journalism and suchlike, it's important to try and remember the important bit. Machines are only operated by humans - and we interact with technology in very predictable ways.

I was reminded of this by a friend who I'd pestered with another attempt at interactive cartoon animation. In return, he sent me a marvellous link to an online museum of lost interactivity. The fascination is in examining the past use of technology and entertainment to see how the future might run.

When you actually look at a 1920 acoustograph you begin to see the old point. Nothng is new under the sun.

You might call this excellent site - analysis, research or even fact-based journalism, all of which seem so unfashionable in the media at present.

Whatever, it's a pleasure.

Kudos to the students doing Interactive Media Design at Dundee for the museum - and a grateful hat-tip to Mark Crail, who supplied the information. Thanks Mark.

Museum of lost interactions
Mark Crail
Chartist Ancestors

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