Friday, March 30, 2007

Exhibition news: Birds of war

We are getting close to the opening of Birds of War - a collaborative exhibition about the experience of civilians in Iraq since the invasion of 2003.

There's some terrific stuff on the website and I know the exhibition, opening on April 11th, is going to be excellent.

Birds of War

And here is an old Birds of war drawing of my own.



Dropped in on your blog quite accidentally. Kudos.

Andy said...

Thanks for the comments Matt. Don’t think I’m embracing this blog thing very well at the moment; I’ll have to get the Dummies guide!

Guess another exhibition worth taking in while I’m down there would be the Jimmy Friell “Gabriel” exhibition at the political Cartoon Gallery.

Cheers Andy

Anonymous said...

I went to the Birds of War exhibition and it was excellent - very thought provoking