Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Political News - 170407

Graphic to display if Flash Player is not available. Gordon Brown's official Prime Ministerial inheritance campaign has rumbled into life this week. A book, Profiles in Courage has been published and friendly media outlets are indulging in a frenzied bout of the-man-we-don't-know-itis. After the best part of two decades, I think most of us have a fair idea of what Gordon Brown is about. The more interesting question is how he will cope with what being Prime Minister involves.

My fellow blogger, Chicken Yogurt has a nice line on the Chancellor's new seriousness - click this mini blog title to read it.

Another forward-thinking blogger, Devil's Kitchen, has offered some thoughts on my faltering attempts to animate editorial cartoons. He asks why do it? And it's a good question.

I'm doing it because increasingly the industry I knew, print journalism is in some sort of crisis of confidence. Readerships have been falling for years - and younger potential readers are taking their eyes to digital reading.

This means that a lot of traditional markets for people like me are contracting very fast - and that means change for us too.

This is why, I shall continue to try and animate the original image that I'm attaching below - with mixed results! And a thanks to Devils Kitchen for making me think about what I am doing and why.

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