Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Political news: Round-up

The 'Get Gordon' campaign continues. The Tories appear to believe that David Cameron will stand a better chance of victory at the next election against David Miliband and are busy encouraging Labour to try and self-destruct completely by encouraging him to run against the chancellor.

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The Labour party seem to be torn between a fear of Brown and desperation to be somewhere, anywhere, beyond Blair.

Elsewhere, I believe Mong Campbell has recently acquired a new pair of slippers for the local election campaign.

I hesitate to describe the situation with Iran as light relief, because it certainly isn't for the 15 navy personnel, but if you try to see it in the context of the arguments over Iranian nuclear ambitions, the major war going on next door in Iraq and the fag end of George Bush's presidency, you begin to see how complex the situation is.

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