Sunday, April 15, 2007

Royal breakup analysis - 150407

I haven't listened to the radio or watched the telly much this weekend - and the reams of cod analysis in print are going to be too hard to read this week. But having seen the photographs of our future king in several Bournemouth clubs, I fear he just fancies grabbing a new pair of breasts in the way that young chaps do.

A hat tip to Paul Sorene for the link to the pic.

The drawing references John Betjeman's A Subaltern's Love Song. This work was famously described by my partner as 'poetry for those who don't like poetry.'

Perhaps, but it scans and ryhmes very well for this contrived joke - avec mammaries.


Mark said...

Now that Kate Middleton has been released from captivity, will she be allowed to sell her story?

matt said...

An excellent question! Some journalists are going to be asking this for the rest of Prince William's natural life - and if called Andrew Motion, probably recycling speculation and gossip about it, long after he's dead.

Rod McKie said...

Hey Matt, I have a tape (an old cassette) of Betjeman singing some poems, including the ode to Miss Joan Hunter Dunn, to a jazz soundtrack. It's very funny.

So, Prince William packed his bird in and it made the papers - thank goodness there's nothing else going on in the world.