Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The future of cartooning

A marvellous blog entry by my enviably talented colleague, Morten Morland, who draws for The Times among others.

He writes about the future for cartooning in the fast changing media world, where the money and the customers are moving away from print.

American political cartoonists are getting the picture, and so it seems are increasingly the American newspapers too. As more and more of the focus is shifted towards the web, newspapers in Britain too will have to realize the full potential of the medium. That means, unfortunately some might say, that the trade will have to change too. Journalists will be working in different media to different deadlines. The traditional first, second and third editions will soon make way for continuous coverage.

Even for the less technologically challenging options though, there will be many issues facing cartoonists in this transitional period.Time for example. At the moment it’s very difficult to make a decent animated cartoon in the same time it takes to do a normal cartoon, yet the preassure to respond to events will only increase with time. Can you realistically do everything on your own without help?
Money. Because of the time you spend, and the equipment needed, animated cartoons will cost more to make, but will newspapers want to pay more?


And here's one of my own attempts to learn


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