Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stocking filler

Here is the Blog Digest 2007 - thousands of words finely crafted and then distributed by some talented writers, masquerading as bloggers. At the request of the fine people at Friday Books, Mr Justin McKeating collated the collection. You may find relevant links over on the sidebar here - both well worth a visit, but here they are again anyway.


The book is published by Friday Books - and I can highly recommend it, not least beacause I drew the cover and all the inside panels. There you go, a straightforward declaration of an interest in something I'm promoting.

You can (and should) buy it from Amazon link below.

Buy it



Poldraw said...

And a fine cover it is too, Matt!

Isn't it curious how the good old paper book still represents the stamp of approval even for sworn web loggers? You know you've done something worthwile when your blog or something you've written in your blog is published on something material...

Chichi Parish said...

Congratulations Matt.