Tuesday, December 26, 2006

An Independent Christmas

In between this year's festivities, I have been covering the editorial slot for Dave Brown at The Independent. Here's a drawing for the 27th, a generic, where are we at the turn-of-year-image.

I was drawing this at about 2pm on Boxing Day when the news broke about the refusal of Saddam Hussein's final appeal and his impending execution.

The breaking news meant drawing a quick response, which is shown below. It'll be interesting to see which, if either, makes the paper.


c h i c h i p a r i s h said...

Which one made it, Matt?

poldraw said...

Joy. How excellent to come back to the country and find that the Indy had found a proper stand-in for Dave Brown! The cartoon that made it into the paper, was most definitely the best one. Really clever.
Good times.

matt said...

Thanks, the top one went in - first one ever, so I guess I can retire now?

Chichi Parish said...

Congratulations, Mr Buck.
Happy New Year.