Thursday, December 07, 2006

Political Cartoon of the Year

One of the cartoon year's big events took place last night - the Political Cartoon of the Year competition.

Organised by the Political Cartoon Society and held at The Economist, it usually draws a decent crowd of cartoonists and lovers of bad taste jokes. Hence it's usually good fun. There's a nice audio report on the event below, done by Matt Tempest from the Guardian.


For the record, Peter Brookes of The Times won overall cartoonist of the Year, for his entire annual output (well-deserved) and Dave Brown (of the Indy) narrowly snatched the one-off drawing comp from his colleague Peter Schrank.

Then we all had a drink.

My non-winning entry (sigh) is below.

Prescott on the beach

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Chichi Parish said...

enjoyable listening, Matt.